There are many different ways to get your name out there in today’s marketplace. Print ads, mail flyers, billboards and signs are still used everyday by companies big and small. However many of these companies are taking the leap into online video advertisements on Youtube and across the web. There are many advantages of web video advertising, but we thought we would highlight the 2 that we think are the most exciting and relevant to you and your business.

1. Targeted Audience

More traditional forms of advertising blanket your message to a large group of people. The obvious problem with this method is that there might only be a certain percentage of these individuals that are relevant to your specific product or service. Online video advertisement addresses this problem by focusing your ads more accurately at the kind of customers you are looking for. Show your ads only on specific days, times or only in a defined geographic area. Use the age, gender or even the interests of Youtube users to hone in on the people you think are most likely to convert to sales. You can go as broad or as specific as you like, but never worry that you are wasting ad dollars on people who don’t want to see it.

2. Cost Effective

Of course, advertising to only the most relevent prospective buyers is not the only reason that video ads online are cost effective. There are several other cost advantages to video:

• Only Pay for the Ads People Watch –  Youtube only charges you for the ads that people do not skip. Never pay for someone that is not interested in viewing at least 30 seconds of your video.

• Improve your Google and Search Engine Ranking – Video, especially Youtube video, is great for getting noticed by Google or other search engines. Linking to these videos from your website and linking to your website from Youtube can not only improve the chances that someone will find your video in a search, but improve your websites rank in relevant searches.

• See and Adapt to Audience Reaction – Online ads give you instantaneous response in a way that no other form of advertisement can. See how may people watched your ad, what city they watched from, how long they watched it, what parts they focused on, whether or not they clicked the ad, and more. See what is working well with your audience and keep improving your message to get better results.

Word of Mouth Advertising – We all know that the best type of advertising is the advertising you do not have to pay for. Constantly uploading new original videos and improving your video content increases the likelihood your audience will share your content on their social media.


At Fresca Films, we are devoted to providing clients with creative and professional looking video for their online ads, websites or social media. Have any more questions about advertising with video online? Send us an email at or give us a call at 289-440-7647 and we would be happy to work with you to help your brand stand out.