With everything going on today it can be hard to create professional looking video of your business and to tell your customers about your currently available products and services.

While we cannot currently come out and shoot at your location, that should not stop you from getting your message across. In order to help you achieve that goal, we at fresca films are having a sale on customized animated video templates. We’ll put your logo and details into a great looking ad, and even help you to put it out on facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter or linkedin depending on your needs and market.

Template Example: We Deliver!

Have your own video content that you have been producing during the quarantine? Could it use some branded titles, intro and music? We can help with that too. Just send us your clips and your vision and after a quick quoting process we’ll help your videos achieve a more professional look and feel.

Branded Video Example: Ontario Chiropractic Association

We also still offer our fully animated and narrated video projects. These are great if you have a new process change that you would like to get out to your customers, or if you have a concept or lesson that would be enhanced by visuals.

Animated Video Example: City of Barrie

Email us today at info@frescafilms.ca for a free quote or give us a call at (289) 440-7647. We’d be happy to chat and give you a few different options to cover your specific needs and budget.